Real estate  the most growth – orient and relatively secure investment area with potentially high returns. But an average citizen is repelled due to the huge investment involved in the venture. CEEKAY Properties & Investments provides an opportunity for ordinary people to reap the benefits by venturing into this field.CEEKAY Properties & Investments is the sister concern of the 12 years old CEEKAY Builders in the field of civil construction. The company helps to buying and developing the land, construct houses in small plots and appropriate it to the needy. Ordinary people can invest in the scheme and become partners with the company for gaining suitable returns.
The company has introducing two schemes for investors
• Invest a minimum amount of Rs: 50000/- or multiples for a period of 1to 5 Years and get higher rate of
 annual income.
• Earn more profit by investing for a suitable project in partnership with the company.
The company guarantees full security for your investment.
                    We invite investors who are financially sound and committed to participate with the project. the company guarantees full securities and good return for your investment .Hope you would not miss this golden   opportunity as the project will facilitate you to enter into the field of  real estate with a small investment

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